I have 3 she(s) in my life ..

one who is my mother

one who loves me like her daughter

one who hates-loves  me like a sister ..

This is not for my mother ..she is one in a million and am what i am because of her .

This is not for my sister .. She is the wildest ,notorious  and the most supportive sister.

in simple words she is like a sister as sisters are supposed be .   😉

It’s about the lady who loves me like her daughter, infact it will be wrong for me to say like a daughter .. sometimes i feel more than her own daughter.

Winter of 2015 :

As i entered  her house, which she had nurtured all her life , made her own home , given all her youth to it. A house  Where she had weaved her own dreams .It was  her own safe zone. The place where she had loved , cried , shouted and fought too . It will not be wrong to say “A home which can only be hers “ .I was scared and sad , how i missed my little mommy with her round face and small hands and who always smells fresh as a flower !!

I remember that night as clearly as if it happened yesterday ..

This lady was standing on the doorway . a slender , fair , beautiful lady . drowsy and little tired but yet active enough to perform all the rituals of welcoming the new bride in her new home.

There was not a single frown on her face , not a single line of arrogance .  Her face was as calm as a river .. she was full of warmth and love . she welcomed me  not only with open arms  but  also with a huge hug . i stopped missing my mom , a little …

i woke up the next morning to find myself in a strange place, surrounded by people who were my new family members … i looked everywhere , found my husband in the crowd ( though he was my boyfriend before becoming my husband)  still ,something was missing ..

In the crowd a hand came and rested on my head i looked back and  it was her . she asked me to sit beside her and have the hot cup of tea she had prepared for me and biscuits( the way i liked it always) . i stopped missing my mom little more..

i didn’t know cooking back then and was so scared to cook anything, and the first morning when i entered the kitchen , everything was done!. the rotis , the sabzi  and the tea .My missing of mom was now quite bearable …

Let me tell u some things about her ..

She works very hard in office ,daily 9-5 ,

Cooks for everyone ,

She is a terrific poet ( 12 rating in all over world ),

She is the editor of a magazine,

Maintains her own blog ,

Has also published her own  book of poetry .

But just one look at her face , and you know .. she is a person not made up of  these laurels but she is a mother .. a beautiful mother of three beautiful children.

Her knowledge is profound and  her principles are simple . and am honoured to be  married in such a family . i don’t feel ashamed in accepting the fact that my husband is no doubt a much better person than me  and for that reason i love him more .

I  see daily some news or rumors about daughter in laws fighting with mother in laws or the other way round . I can’t comment like which party is more responsible as it’s out of scope for me considering i have got a Gem of person in my life as my mother in law , but one thing i can say .. if every daughter gets a mother like my mother in law and a husband like mine .. there wont be any arrogant  daughter in law or  an  angry mother in law.

By birth i am my mother’s daughter but by destiny i have been a  part of a family of another Great mother . i am not obliged to love her , nor its my responsibility( Even my husband thinks so).

I was not forced to love her as she is my Mother in law  and its my responsibility to take care of her  Infact  sometimes i  feel  she may be feeling obliged to love me !! if you take into consideration what a childish Bahu(daughter-in -law) she has got !! And that too when she didn’t had any say in choosing her daughter in law..

I have a very simple theory in life .” Love happens and Respect is Earned”. i admire this lady who is the epitome of kindness and love . am inspired from her to be a better person .i understand from her about how to chase your dreams .. i wish someday to be like her …

She is a great person , one in 1000 millions and i feel honoured to be a part of her family .She has earned  not only Respect  but ALL my love ..

I pray to god every daughter gets a Mother like her and even more a Mother in law like her .

Me with mamma :)

Me with mamma 🙂

About namrataTanmay

home is where my Heart is .. :)


  1. yoga pants and french toast sticks

    Such a sweet photo. This is a wonderful post. I love it. You have such a way with words. I’m jealous.


  2. You are wonderful in your words expressed and having a wonderful heart with bubbly spirit you seem to win hearts around..Kudos to your marvelous writings.Your mother -in -law is so lucky to have a daughtr-in-law like you.


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