11402297_418650984980989_4820087874676432325_oI write to express myself , to emote and convey my thoughts ..  am a software engineer by profession and a writer by passion,  i love documenting my experiences, and i have this subtle passion with writing and painting since the day i started holding a pen. so this is a small attempt on my part to be a part of the writer within me. i have visited many cities and few countries and absolutely love the experiences, and before it thins out i would like to capture it via my  blog.I am also a poet in  some of my random moods and some type of poetic words jumbles out of me at times, my blog would contain those too. my other hobbies includes reading, pot painting , my blog will have some references to these activities too.

In this misson i have my loving husband tanmay with me , and i would refer him by td in almost all my posts.

I had written some random lines earlier in my blog which goes like this

The more i know , the less i believe,The more i love, the less i fear ,

The more i listen, the more my mind is lost …,

so here i finally came to be just myself , with no obligation to listen,

or to answer, not to find any meanings ,

nor to preach anything.. just to be with myself i am here.

The more i understand , the less i pretend,

The more i breath, the less i am in sense,

The more i like, the more i lose ,

The less i live , The more i die ..

So here i finally came,with no obligation to live, but with the desire to feel this life…

just to be with myself i am here…

This is exactly how i feel ..

My loved ones would have a better view about me as  i seldom can be any patient and in a not-moving state  to introspect about all the things i am and am not . my world is full of dreams and love of my partner . i live to travel and read to my hearts content. someday i believe i would be able to bring  a small change to this world to make it a little better ..



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  2. Hi, I have just looked in my spam folder (and not sure why) and saw your post and nomination for the versatile blogger award. Thank you soooooooo much! I am touched; honoured and SO HAPPY! I was just explaining to my (non blogging!) husband! We are now both v excited. So just a quick reply to say don’t think I am rude that I only just responded! I literally did just see it. It is late here now (and I am up super early tomorrow) but will read and digest what I need to do next. Thanks for making my day! 😃

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