U are the truth..

The darkest nights when i cry to sleep , when i whimper and beg for you to show me the way ,

The eyes that see now only sorrow, the lips that quiver now with fear ,you only had created this mortal oh god!! ,now broken and scared, is no more standing high with its wings flapping high in the air..

This  path takes me no where  oh god ,i am scared  and weak and buried in my own dark soul 

Finally when no longer i can fight , 

with broken wings i fall down , i looked down and saw this frail self ,

when no more can i take this pain ,

i close my eyes …..

and there u are … with your shining armour , to pick me up from dirt , 

u held me steady ,you brought  me closer  .. then you whisperd in  my ears 

” one more try ,dear !!”  ,

and there i am , looking helplessly but seeing your truth i cannot deny 

and there i try , and there i see my frail self , to lighten , to breath, to  Smile again ..

you opened another  door to the beautiful sight , 

the sight of peace , the sight that is best and was just waiting for me for so long….

how naive i was not to  understand the greatest truth of life , you have always planned that greatest meaning of life ,

U are the truth oh God , you are the truth..

No other truth greater that you , No other truth  truer than you ..

About namrataTanmay

home is where my Heart is .. :)

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