The Sand castle in halfmoon bay

I come from a place where beach is one of the nearest place to chill out in a weekend. its warm and dry ,  the sound of the waves and the smell of fried fish welcomes you with open arms. so it is kind of natural for me ,The Sea. though the weirdest part is i can’t swim . though i love the sea , the way it touches the shore and again resides back while making lots of foam .. its one of the pleasant things to look at , but i am afraid of the sea at the same time. i feel so helpless and scared of the depthness of it and sometimes when it roars , i feel as if it will engulf me in its big giant waves and drive me to its bottom. but that’s another story . This time i was faraway from the beach of my homeland. this time i was in the warm sunny beach of half moon bay.IMG_20150801_182034

Just like that td and me decided to take a short drive to halfmoon bay .so we started for the beach at around 4pm , as its summer now. the sun sets around 8.30 PM, so we thought it will be little cooler as we would reach the beach . but it was a different story once we reached there. it was very sunny and little crowded. we hanged around the beach for a while, looking at the waves and discussing how it is different from the beach of our hometown,puri. its like half of the people of our state and the neighbouring state would be hovering there, always some kind of carnival would be going on with lots of families and kids enjoying the  gupchup(A local very popular street food !!)and of course the ice-cream whereas the beach now we were enjoying was not that crowded as compared to puri and apart from the waves and some people there was no other sound. pure Bliss !!  🙂 .

but you cannot miss one thing in particular which is common across the world in all the beaches, The sand castles!!.

We thought of reliving our childhood days and decided to make a sand i was the manager of the project and td was the implementor. i created the blueprint (as we would like it to be called :p) of the castle.then started our process of making sand castle. it kept on breaking  sometimes due to less moisture and sometimes due to too much pressure . sometimes we both were being  too mischievous and adventurous and tried being little more creative and added some more tunnels , leading to its further breakage. but nevertheless the fun was great. we were laughing and happy and throwing sand at each other all this while.IMG_20150801_183721

life is just like this sand castle. all that matters at the end is how much we have lived through it . how much we have tried recreating it from scratch. sometimes what matters is the experiences .each moment i have spent with td and my friends or families is so precious ,i dont even remember the sad moments as dark bleak hours but as experiences. i can remember the shoulder where i kept my head on when i was sad , i can remember the laughter i had once the darkest hours are over .i can remember the tight hug  of my friends or the encouraging words of my parents. i can remember the happy and sad times alike as i still have those people with me to relive those times. someday these people will leave me but i would still be remembering the happy times with friends, the wise words of my parents, the love of td.i want my life to be like this sand castle , i like to be a part of its making from scratch , its progress, and may be its failure  too . but i want to live through it.IMG_20150801_190434-2

Finally our sand castle was ready . it didn’t turned out as we initially had planned (Everybody Lifes story 😉  ).but it was our own tiny castle , reflecting our childhood dreams and days . with this, our wonderful evening at halfmoon bay came to an end .the sultry beach air and the deep blue  sea rejuvenated us to again start on the race of life .IMG_20150801_190238

May come whatever , Life!!..

I wanna Live you ..

I wanna Die you ..

I wanna feel you ..

small desire of mine  .. just be little patient with me life ..

just give me little of your time..

I wanna Live you..

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home is where my Heart is .. :)

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  1. Beautiful write.Living life .Building castle from scratch!Enjoying every bit of your living!

    Liked by 1 person

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