Musing over Muse..


where are u my  muse ? ..

i tried  finding you in the  passing thousand faces on the road everyday

i tried seeing  you in the darkness of alley ..

i tried  holding  your hand when u left me at the old bridge when the tide was high ..

i tried thinking abt u in the long lost conversations ..

i searched for you in the smitten pages of diaries… in a far away song .. in the enchanted forest ..

you would be my mirror , my diary .. my love for everything else..

Where are u my muse?

Am lost to find you ..

Am drowned to save you ..

Am waiting to live you ..

Where are you my muse ?

i  smile at the falling snows.. trying to find you in the footprints left by yr shadows..

i cry at dawns , not finding you in the canvas of my door..

Where are you my muse…

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home is where my Heart is .. :)

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