When are you going to ask the right questions?

Remember all those times when we have been asked to fill up forms or applications ?.. They follow a very similar pattern since centuries i guess.. Same old blank fields  , name , Age , mother’s name , School name and some applications require little more patience  to complete , like your visa application (which is around 7 pages long!!) or the applications for colleges which has questions like your 12th class  percentage in biology paper(now who remembers that !!) .. so the point is we are always asked  to do something , to fill up some blanks, to write the reason for our choice  and finally we are guided into doing /not doing something because of those questions..

These are such a ritual  for us  since  the time we are born that we don’t even give 2 cents of our thoughts before submitting the forms ..

What if  while applying for , say for example an engineering college  they would ask us  this….

” what do you want to become ” ….I know it sounds such a dumb question (at first ) to be included in an application form for an engg . college .. But think  a bit  and it may sound as the  the one and the most imp question !  that  matters the most . May be the question  won’t change our destiny or show us what lays ahead for us but we can’t deny the fact that we would have stopped , yes ! stopped and given  few seconds of our life to the various possibilities that we may gain or lose  before going ahead and submitting the form ..this decision will  eventually  decide many years of our life ahead ..

We have been asked how much score we have got in a subject? Not how much fun we have  had while studying the subject in that respect? In relationships we often ask the other person .if they love us . but instead we should ask would you still hang in there ..?when I am not my best .. ?

There are thousand of questions that are just open out there waiting for our answers .. But we don’t know how to ask them or worse , we have never been asked !!

“How i wanna live my life”  could be one such  ideal question rather than.. “where i wanna see myself after  these many years” .. we are already clamping the wings of million possibilities which can be done , achieved or dreamt … the question is already setting a time period for us to achieve a goal .. How can I possibly think about the limitless possibilities that are there  when already  we are putting a limit, a deadline .The answers to every real question is abstract but that is the only real thing we do with our lives .. live in an abstract way , getting an answer to a question is not important but the process is .afterall there has  never been two  ways for anything .. there has always been one way !! and that is “your own way” . if we quantify every question and expect a yes or a no or simply a number ,we are already harming our peace of mind .

yes we are indeed misguided by the  wrong questions , asked to us since centuries .. since the time human understood , infact misunderstood the rules of life . questions must be about big things ,small things ..it should open up a vast arena of thoughts  or opinions . it should open up our minds not just close down on an answer ..



We just can’t blame ourselves .. After all we have always been asked the  wrong questions ..and yes we will continue with this ceremony unless some day  ,when we are all alone in the middle of a week returning from office , all tired and spent or may be  when we are sitting on a bench in a park with the last rays of sun in our eyes and a smile on our lips .. either way we may  think and  take a breath .. and start asking the right questions to ourselves .. .

So when are you going to ask the right questions  🙂


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  1. ‘would you still hang in there ..?when I am not my best .. ?’ … that touched 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for quoting .. its indeed one of the most important question we must be asking 🙂


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