Marrying late .. should never be a Regret !

“Oh u married late ” that’s the line i mostly hear from most of the people around me .. People who don’t know me , people who know me .. everyone makes something of your age and judges you based upon any thing .. and what’s better than a number which apparently tells everyone that you were worthless and a loser  for these many years and that’s y u landed getting married at such a late age .. No offence to the people who have decided to marry early .. .. how does it matters if am 23 or 30 when i decide to Marry ..

Marriage was never a Number game for me .. it was for me something which i wanted to do whenever i wanted to .. and i was lucky enough it turned out exactly as i wanted ..

Here to all my friends who are getting stigmatised by the decade old question “when will you Marry ”  from my own personal experience.

what if you feel like having hot coffee in the middle of cold night and you are craving for it and your partner is better cosied up in the blanket and snoring beside you ? you have 2 options  either he will wake up or you have to sleep..

what would you choose ? our whole life after marriage is choosing between 2 options .. but the question is not about whether we will  choose or not choose..

Question is how much you are ready to accept the fact that you are okay with his being inside the blanket or the other way round  …. that’s the kind of thing you may want to know before telling the big yes..

Taking time to make a deep dive into Marriage is not always a disadvantage infact it’s so much better and adventurous .. that’s what i’m gonna share here

By the late 20s or 30s  we all would have experienced our shares of  heart breaks, bad relationships , good relationships and some super boring ones too  .. so  at that time when everyone around you  seems  happily settling , marrying or getting into relationships .. we may find ourselves  still in search of the prince charming ..

The game becomes tougher .. we may have to kiss a trail of wrong frogs to finally end up kissing our sleeping prince wake him up from his stupid slumber ( of-course we would be  angry for taking forever to finally show  !!!!) , nevertheless we will meet that special person .. but what i have learnt from my shares of cracked hearts and dry tears(i know it’s too much dramatic!! , i’m dramatic!!) .. that Its Better to date a trail of wrong guys /girls than getting tied down with the person with whom your east is west and well west is east !!

Taking time to finally settle down is wise enough .. it’s never never never (yes 3 times , to have the intended IMPACT :p )  too late or too many ..

A time may come when you would be tired of all this and would decide to just settle down  with whomsoever and go with the flow .. but my friend .. try going with the flow where the flow is taking you to unknown lands , unknown adventures .. makes you meet beautiful strangers .. That’s the kind of flow you should let in your life not the other kind .. Marriage is a big deal , it’s not the kind of thing we wanna make mistakes with !! ,Never get tired and settle down ..

Having a previous relationship is not a taboo  , Honestly if my guy had told me that he had never had a girlfriend .. i have serious doubts i could ever connect with him the way i do now .. and if you were serious also it shows how deeply you can love .. i think it adds layers to your personality ..after all what is a life without all its layers , colors and stories ?  

it’s difficult to understand the feeling of loss unless you have loved and lost someone…when you are a person who was heartbroken and is afraid to again step in the  big Game .. yes you will be cautious and That’s a very good thing ..  That way you will care and treasure your current relationship to a greater extent .. you know how much you can give in , in a relationship and how much you can just save it for later ..

You learn to be self independent .. Marrying late means you had extra years in your hand to learn one or 2 tricks more for handling the curvy road of life Alone .. That way you can always assure yourself that even if you end up all alone , well you can take care of yourself !! and as a side fun fact you can have a bigger closet with only YOUR  clothes , sexy , beautiful dresses , shoes , bags ( Boys , please think about your muses here  :p ) for a Longer time  without  a  pair of socks suddenly appearing from the side pocket of your tiny black dress , (pheww!!) .. As after marriage you will have to share the closet (like everything else  :p:p)

Finally , my 2 cents ..Marriage is a game of lucks even after dating series of people in our lives may happen  we would still end up being single ..or worse we may end up with the wrong person and all this would just mean shit .. yes  it can happen  too ..  but  still we would have plenty to tell to our old spinster self  or better would have a strong foundation to go back again and start everything from square one …

So .. Keep dating , Keep exploring but most importantly never stop taking Chances  thinking your are Old now (C’mmon!!).. who knows .. right this moment while you are reading this and smiling to yourself.. your future love is also looking at you and  oh yes .. smiling too  🙂


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  1. Excellent Namay Guys! Earlier or Later or Never….. Age is just a number in Marriage…. Its all about the journey you drop an anchor in a midway(marriage) and start over again with your soul and traveler to the unexplored calmness , tides and joyful-wave of life.


  2. proud of your thought process..while reading this, the constant thought which was going on in my head was.. “Why can’t everyone think like this”.. Life will be so simple.. 🙂 u speak the language which all can understand..the only catch is..May be few of them will relate to…I think we as a society have a long way to go..

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  3. Very well written and thoughtful!!!!

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  4. Thank you Aneysha , waiting for your next write up 🙂


  5. Anonymous

    Very well written Namrata. Could relate to almost everything written there. Must say, this is a real feel-good read. All the best !

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  6. Well. The previous comment was by me. 🙂

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