Not a tourist anymore.. i wish : ChinaTown

Red and gold everywhere , shiny things , small interesting things , useless things,some quite useful things . Somewhere  a band  playing the traditional chinese trumpet and some people enjoying the popular perl tea , in this summery afternoon , when the air is light and the shine is bright , i could smell the afternoon , i felt the same thrill as i felt when last time i went on a daytime trip with my parents to delhi in india. those golden days !!

Now, Because of some unexpected work , me and td  had to leave early from office to drive till SFO. The work got  completed within 1 hr. what next , either we could have again left for office or else you know , we could have just lingered bit more on the streets and enjoy the afternoon . so thats what we did !  we left our car in a public parking lot and thought of walking and exploring the place.

I had been to SFO for like 4 times before this , but never on a weekday . and the places i had seen were mostly tourist places. it felt so different on the middle of a week . Its like more filled with people than car(which is the normal situation here where i live in sunnyvale).Normal people like me or u , walking , crossing the road. some hurrying to office  and many tourists enjoying the city in their roofless tour buses.

Imagine , a girl from a far far away land , visiting this place , which is not her home country too , and with these tall sky hugging scrappers , strange people, people from all walks of life . some pretty faces, some hungry ones., but it all seemed to fascinate me . my heart wanted to take in everything , every sight , every smell , every taste . i am like this experience hungry person , who is been left in a strange beautiful place.

They say its one of the best place to live in . and i couldn’t deny it. The amazing  roads , the people , the weather , i liked everything.I have always  believed this that  to really experience a place , you need to let go of all inhibitions and explore it . being a tourist is the only option for many of the people like us . as time and money both are difficult to afford for exploring everything . but again what is the point of earning if we cant do the things we  enjoy ?  I enjoy being a common person among the crowd  in  a new place, eat at a small joint on  the road side not some fancy high end restaurant , walk and observe things , observe the people around me , try to make out what they would be thinking , try to connect the dots to bring the unknown picture to life in my own way … That is my way of knowing a place .


So after a tasty lunch at Raavi ,one of the indian pakistani restaurant out there,we decided to  have some street shopping experience in the streets of  chinatown  . The first thing you see when you enter the streets are the red balloons  which are casting the sky everywhere and  people selling all types of  stuffs , starting from strange looking herbs to marble made cookwares. i saw an erotic small miniature sculpture too in one of the tiny shops  😮 .Cashmere scarfs and gowns , colorful handmade bags ,small trinkets and much more beautiful ,and interesting  things were adorning the shops with their liveliness , which made me nostalgic about the melas(carnivals) that happens in my hometown.

IMG_20150715_161808There were small eateries selling  traditional chinese pastries and fast food too.One of it was  really interesting . If you have ever eaten a Dosa , which is a popular south indian dish , you would know. so it was basically ice cream with nuts in a wrapper made up off Dosa!!. it was really amusing to see our own old  dosa being transformed in such a innovative way 🙂

We then walked till Pier 3 where we bought some coffee from peet’s coffee and Tea and  took a break from our explorations.  People were hurrying to return back to home from office .many were waiting for the ferry ride back to home. how they travel each day to and fro  office in these ferries is another new thing  i got to ponder about. while returning back to our car ,we went through a small park.Td was really amused by the  park in the middle of the city. it was more of a dog’s park. I absolutely love dogs and i could see variety of them there .The park was well maintained.and we happily strolled there for some time ,marvelling at the statues out there.

So Finally my  happy afternoon with td and the  cup of pearl tea in my hand both ended , with me being rejuvenated to again start on this race of  life.

our small trip thus came to end  with an off road drive to one of the scenic spot on the way to half-moon bay .

td :  “what are u thinking “

me : “mmm nothing .. just this place is taking my breath away .  🙂 “

“Gimme some more breaths ,IMG_20150715_162526

i wanna breath this new air,

i wanna taste this new dew ,

i wanna hug this new cloud ”

i wanna see this new leaf ,

i wanna love it all , love  till i cant love anymore ”

P.S :  I  was standing on one side of the road waiting for the cable buses.Suddenly a small boy  in one of the tourist bus waved  at us , and i waved back .

Some day i was on that bus , now slowly i am transforming into  the people from  the other side of the  bus. 🙂 happily !! not a tourist anymore , i guess.

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