Love is… a sudden drive thru wilderness,(Sunol Regional wilderness)

IMG_20151213_1A sudden rush of adrenalin, a shiver down your spine , a thought .. a plan and you are out on the road  for  one of the most thrilling , romantic experiences of  your life..

we may have done it tons of times before, may be the car was different or weather .. dont remember.. but this time was just too much fun and yes romantic ….

so it went like this..

sunday morning , 11.50..

we just had our tea and decided to cook the fish we had bought earlier and to tell the truth i just didn’t wanted to cook ..i just wanted to be  lazing around and eat some bread and read may be . but td  loved fish and he was determined to cook it .,but his favourite mustard oil was finished , so he asked if i wanted something else from market as he set out for doing grocery from a store near our place.

it was slightly raining outside and weather was all cool and if not for that one call i would have stayed inside the blanket whole day with my current book love (chicken soup for the soul) and a cuppa of tea. but it so happened i got this call from td .

td :”Wat r  u doin”

me:”hey , u missed something ? you calling me ..m doing NOTHING, and i wanted it to be that way all day “

td:” hey , i was thinking .. can you come downstairs ? and yes bring your jacket”

me:” ohh .. sure ” me thinking ‘great .. now i have to dress up ‘ as i was only in my pajamas. i went inside bedroom to wear a jeans at least !! then changed my mind , thinking i would be anyway be back in hardly 15 mins as we have to cook fish “

i just grabbed my jacket , wore my crocs not even shoes , locked my place and went downstairs and there standing was my hero .. with the car door wide open . i hopped inside it asking td whats  its all about.

td:” nothing.. it’s just the weather is just so awesome i wanted to go for a drive “.. i was like oh that’s so romantic..

and then we set out for our lovely lonnnngg drive.. we drove and drove and we thought of making a short stop  at bayland park ,one of our most  favorite  parks..The park was empty for except one couple who were playing with their kids in the kids park. rest we were the only souls there .it was magical.. i had seen the park in sunset , in morning , in afternoon .. but today it was just heavenly .. the clouds covered the peaks of mission peak ,, the continuous rain for 2 days had made everything green and beautiful..


Green and blue , what can u wish more ?

i had a mad run in the wilderness and it felt so relaxing and cool. ..


i was looking at those mighty peaks at far , when suddenly td told let’s drive till the mountains.. i was like , can we do that ? i mean i thought you can only hike .. there is way to drive too? but it turned out it’s  not all hiking only .. there is a sunol  wilderness reservoir too ..  so there we started on our long drive again to explore the beauty of mother earth in this rainy , mushy weather..IMG_20151213_124049387_HDR


Yummu Chicken popcorn

On the way we stopped at quickly to pick up some yummy chicken popcorns.

finally we reached milpitas .. the houses are pretty far here from main city i thought , but what a place.. the city is on the foothill of mission peak.i could have given anything to let those people out there to allow me to spend one night in  their lovely houses overlooking the beautiful mountains and greenery ..

The road was all winding  and we drove slowly on all the turns., gazing at the scenic beauty all around us. As the road climbed up .. everything was surreal ..IMG_20151213_140510776

 it looked more heavenly as it had rained and still was raining slightly .. there was not a single soul or car in the road and we felt like we were the sole admirer of this amazingly scenic route. i couldn’t take my eyes off  for a single moment from the elegant peaks , the lush green and the clouds hovering above the pretty small houses . there were stables and horses near it .. it seemed like am watching a live painting .. u know the kind of painting where horses are running across vast meadows of green .. beautiful white , black shiny horses with their hair flying with pride ..

After a while i saw the sunol regional was like an illusion in the midst of lush green.. i mean how on earth can something look so beautiful and still be untouched by humanity..(though mostly it was for the weather i guess)..

 The beauty was unmatched ..



 My thoughts went to td .. i never had thought how romantic my guy is or not , how compatible we are in our travel spirits, will he understand my creative nature or my foolishness (sometimes) , my carelessness(always) ? can our wishes be similar .. before asking him to ask me for marriage (as my parents were in great rush for our marriage) and they don’t understand much of these dating for 5 years  thing :p , you know!  though i was madly in love with him 🙂 but how lucky it all  turned out to be.. he is someone whom every girl like me would love to make her partner..he just understands me so well and my laid back attitude. he do understands my romantic side too  so well ..these sudden thrills makes me so dizzy in his love ,like those initial days of our courtship..

now now .. coming back to the story.. we drove back to our sweet home, but while returning it rained like mad and nothing was visible for few seconds .. i looked back at those mountains and said to td : ” i think this place would never again look this beautiful as it has today .. to us “


cloud burst ..

Finally we were back at our place,td made the yummy fish curry and i just ate it and started dreaming about all the possibilities that lies if i shift to the mountains now .. haha just kidding .. damn for me.. m still  a city girl!!   🙂


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  1. Smita

    Seems u had great tym n an awesome day..lucky u!!!:-)

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