Coyote Hills Hike..

The  sultry sea  was boundaryless, the clouds engulfing the peaks far away , were flying low or i was standing too high ? the rays of the sleeping sun was flickering through the clear water of the sea.. i closed my eyes and i could feel i can start flying if i dare to jump from the low laying cliff .. but i couldn’t dare as it was so beautiful i could have stopped breathing if i closed my eyes..


td posing 🙂

This was your coyote hills on a sunday afternoon ,a cloudy ,rainy afternoon.

we had simply no plans to move from our place that day , it was raining all day and the cold air was just probing us not to step out ! .. but while standing at our balcony td suddenly asked if i care to go out on a hike today .. now the last hike we took in the wilderness of  San antonia ,was like more than a month ago and i love hiking .. my adventurous self started making slow dance movements and despite the cloudy weather we decided to go for a hike.

we didn’t wanted some far away place ,so i got to know about this place as i was searching for a nice and beautiful hike near east bay , the coyote national preserve.

we set out for the place around 3 pm and reached there almost by 3.35 from sunnyvale. the entry fee of the car was around 5 bucks  and it was open till sunset.

From the visitors office there goes many trails which u can walk or run or bike too to quench your adventure thirsty self. there is also a nectar garden on the right of the visitors center.


The nectar garden entrance

its a beautiful small place with different types of wildflowers and carvings of butterflies. i couldn’t explore it more as the sun was in its last rounds before sleeping and we had to reach the summit to watch the sunset. we started on the quail trail .


On the way to the summit

As we started on the hike , the ground slowly elevated to around 100 ft and  though it was not at all difficult but for a weak heart and unhealthy body its  big deal  :p  moreover people were biking too on the winding slopes !! ,now looking at those bikers i dare not stop in my way ,but just move on the steadily rising slope.


me : being crazy !

There was no one at that time in our route and my inner adventurous self  was crazily excited , i felt as if we two are the only human left in the whole world , tracing our paths on the unknown  to reach the summit , to find the answers to all that is not questioned ..

finally we could see the clouds hovering very near to us.. the total elevation was not much , just 300ft ,but the sheer beauty of the place just made it so magnam .


The Bay ..

on the summit we could find another couple with 2 kids , blissfully sitting on the bench and drinking something out of there flask .. i missed our homemade tea then .. i noted it down , next time i would come to this place , i will bring my tea with me .


Selfie with the coyote 🙂

we sat on the rocks on the top, overlooking the vast sea and the city far away for a while.. it started to drizzle a little .. we could not watch the whole theatrical appearance of the sun settling for the day under the clouds but we could still see the shimmering golden hue of the sleeping sun casting its bye bye shadow on the clear water below .. it made our every effort , effortless and brought a nostalgic smile on my face .


Nike trail

We did another small trail ,the nike trail, it was little tougher than the earlier one ..but while descending it we ran across it holding hands and singing loudly (as no one was there  apart from us ), it was so much of fun but it costed me one scratch on my mobile screen as it fell from my pockets in our madness , so much for a little craziness , u see!! . anyway  we finally  headed back on the quail trail via bay area trail to reach the parking lot. near it there was a wooden bridge cutting through the swamp area  and moving to another trail .. we just sat for some time on one of the wooden bench over the bridge overlooking the swamp area,acres of farm lands and the hills in the far.


The wooden bridge


The serene view from the wooden bench ..

“A day spent in the lap of nature is a day best lived and a day to cherish always.” with these thoughts in our mind we said goodbye to the place and finally headed back to our sweet abode .


Bye Bye


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