Have you failed lately ?

Fail once , fail twice .. but fail once in awhile .. that’s one of the ideologies i have grown to admire about my Mr Right ..  we as gen y (or whatever is the current alphabet series going on :p ), we  are always in the run for that happy space , a state where we may not be content but be successful and by success means good bank balance , a house , car , great social lives and a rocking group of friends ..

Materialistic possessions do makes us happy but it lasts till the next sought after brand comes into the picture  whereas experiences which somewhat sum totals our choices , our dreams , our hard-works is lost in the mirth of materials ..but still shines through all the memories when time comes for us to adieu this world ..

Now where does the angle of “failing ” comes ?  ..

Till Btech i had never failed in any subject .. i was one of the top scorer , i was hardworking and very committed towards my studies .. still i went ahead and in one fateful event i flunked in one of the  paper .. I was disappointed in my self and i was embarrassed as i was a good student as per everyone .. i was too harsh on myself .. but .. slowly i regained myself  and prepared for the Re-Test and passed with flying colors and in turn that helped me to become a 9 pointer..

but this was not the only thing i gained ..

I learnt that day that how much you may prepare , things may go wrong and you may not reach where you intend to .. and still you can sail through it and come out alive .. It’s not the end of world ..It added to my experiences .. now i can proudly say that yes i had failed too

We are always in a hurry .. hurry to reach somewhere .. gain something  , be someone .. and we are not at all prepared to fail .. now that’s a  great combination of characteristics for a perfect depression and anxiety stricken life ..

In the process ,we have gained and lost a lot too  .. but we are not happy .. are we .? The reason can be many but trust me it’s  not that varied or different than any ..

We are so afraid to lose .. .. and it’s not at all a easy thing to let go .. let go of the fear of losing.

Even after many encounters  of failures am still afraid of failure .. I was scared to give the car driving test here in California , not because i was bad at driving because i had practiced only for a week .. i was feeling am not fully prepared ..But My husband asked me to still go ahead and give the exam , so that i experience it . I was not sure about it , still i went ahead and gave the exam and as it happened i didn’t passed in first attempt .Though i still sometimes nag at him that why he probed me to give the exam .. but now i think it’s okay ..

“I failed” , if difficult but not impossible  to accept .. and  there are many chances which life will give you ( though in car driving test  u would get only 3 chances :p )

For a change i would love to know about your failures , the chances you took , the milestones you have missed .. i don’t wanna hear your successful stories  , i can anyday find it in million of small things and now a days on the wall of facebook or instagram

Fail in exams , fail in job , fail in your love life .. or fail in a car driving test ..  once u know u can fail and again get back on toes , when the  worst nightmare is gone ..what can possibly scare you anymore ..!! hmmmmm?

P.S : I passed in my second attempt of car driving test and now am happily flying (driving) across the streets of california with my new found freedom

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  1. That is a beautifully written content. We fear failure only until it happens to us.
    I strongly feel failure makes us a better person, one who has had a happy-go-lucky life would never be sensitive to emotions. We discover 10 new things about our self each time we fail. I never thought I could live through this, but hey, I did 🙂


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