The burden of happiness , where does it lie?

People spend their whole lives in one tiny corner of this earth , this planet ..plan and  spin out everything , every decision , every choice from that corner never even setting out one foot outside .. believing that life is all about that tiny corner ..but who are we to judge them, we ourselves are tied down in our own world which is nothing again but a mere hope of a happy /peaceful life ..may be we are in a slightly bigger realm than others .. may be we have travelled a bit more , saw a bit more , experienced a little more but that doesn’t gives us the mindset to draw conclusions for others who can’t or haven’t ..

Its on each of us to question ourselves now and again .. it’s a self evaluation we need to do , look out for ourselves ..

here belief is the word.. We believe that we know our purpose .. we believe that we know where we are going , what we wanna achieve ..and some people are not even that lucky ,not every person is born with a decisive mind and a touchwood fate ..but in either case, be it a very well-planned living  or a living off the passing moments we may miss out the finer details , the ultimate “calling” for which we are made …

How hard it is to step out and do the things we have always wanted to ? how hard it is to NOT wait for the right time or the right person or the right thing to happen to us..

i heard a story of someone who suddenly died without following up completely through his well planned life ,doing things that he thought he would do when he would retire , or when he will have a bit more time to think ……i was filled with pity and sadness for the person 

Dying with illness , or being old is a natural process but dying with a pain in your heart , an unfulfilled wish which you craved till yr last breath .. i shiver to the thought of it . leaving the burden of our happiness in the hands of fate , people or things is the single most dumbest thing a person can ever do .

If we can’t find happiness with others  it’s our onus ! it’s not the burden of the other person

Trying to find meaning to things that should matter least to us or searching for someone to make us happy is the biggest flaw in us … we can get a very good partner , a good bunch of friends and a wonderful family and still we may not be happy .. to each is their own happiness , we should be able to measure our life without these also . It may be a happy welcome , a heartfelt surprise or the never ending love from the other person which makes us happy but that should not be the only way !!  

If Loving yourself and making choices that is good for us is selfish then who said we can’t be selfish about ourselves .. afterall if we can’t find happiness within us than we can’t give it to anyone  ..

Just stepping out in a wonderful cool afternoon makes me feel so alive .. makes me connect with myself, heals me heals me of the wounds i don’t even know exist ..Whether our situations are bad or good we must step out once in awhile .. just to check out if we are doing okay and to just look around the corner to see if we haven’t missed living , it may be the best decision , the best experience or it may be a life changing event .. you never know . keep taking a walk in the unknown with the unknown , soon enough we will get to it but don’t wait for the happiness to happen ..


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