“Keep It Simple” .. Can we ??

“Keep it simple “.. is not just a phrase anymore .. it is i desire and i need ..

Things pile .. Things we need to do , we ought to do ..

Things have to be taken care .. your work , your health , enjoyment too..

There are always forms to be filled  , tickets to be booked ,

appointments to be taken , tasks to be completed , cleaning to be done  and then of course .. the workout regime to complete  and hobbies to be pursued ..Things to enjoy and of course some time to sleep ..

.. At this point  of my life i would like long hours of sleep .. working out daily ..keeping my mind and body happy and healthy ..if u think it doesn’t sounds easy then u sure are correct .. It is not easy .. at least  for a prolonged period of time ..

i often think about a time when life was simpler and happiness was subtle but very much present ..

There were days when i would return from college and would take my novel and lay on the bed looking out through the window , overlooking the kadamba tree ..the early summer ’s sun would be lazy too and happily caressing  me .. i would keep on reading to my hearts content till i fall asleep ..

There were days when i would just walk bare footed on the our back yard  garden.. i have very dry feet and i like when the roughness of the gravel , wet soil , feels my skin .. i feel happy and earthy .. connected to the nature ..i can’t remember how many hours  i would have spent like this on any afternoon alone in my garden, taking in every smell and every sight ..

There were days .. when evening would be kind  enough to slowly engulf the  days and slow enough to  blend into the nights .. There will be evening tea on the balcony ..every other household could be seen on the rooftop and someone would be playing the radio little louder .. the songs feel as if floating from somewhere , sometimes they are near and sometimes far ..  the rhythm changes with the wind ..

There were days when i would be hurrying up to catch the auto to my home  before i get wet in the rain .. with the rain , everything becomes wet and mushy .. i would be sitting inside the auto and looking outside .. with no thoughts .. There will be an  occasional flash of the water from the man-made pools made by the  rain …. radio would be buzzing with ads or songs .. and i would be thinking of nothing …

.Nothing seems a void  but it hides within  it the sea of emotions ,a silence which is peaceful ..when u desire to be nothing .. when you wish to not think anything .. you wish to be nothing for a change and be content with that ..

How these days have passed .. .. The days with its laziness … its careless movement .. each step taken with no thought of future or consequences … Things pile on with no one to take care … but no one bothers .. trust me .. i could get away with a novel and a tea all day .. yet no one to judge , no one  to remind me  .. though no one now also bothers .. but the difference being , this self which wants to be responsible … wants to ‘keep it all simple” …

Simple …now we can’t be when the world around us is so complex .. ..

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  1. Thought provoking stuff and an enjoyable read. Mr Midnight, from our blog “Gilmours Nice Race”, says that it is really the simple things in life which make the difference. He should know because he´s a cat and doesn´t have any appointments and must comply to societies rules!
    Sir Winston adds that he finds it a shame that a basic need such as “keeping it simple” is obviously so difficult for humans in a “modern” human world.
    Meow from Mr Midnight, purr purr from Sir Winston and a big old-fashioned thank you for your writing skills. 🙂


    • Hahaha .. it’s really amusing how you have put forward your thoughts ..and really am too curious to know how u have interpreted the Meows of each cat !!! Thanks a lot for reading the piece 🙂


  2. Glad you liked our comment. Mr Midnight meows in a high peep tone and Sir Winston thinks he´s a lion so he purrs with a deep tone akin to a generator. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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