The Small things that made my last year count ..

So here’s another year gone ,another hopeless ,heart wrenching yet magnificent year gone ..It’s so beautiful in its own sadness and melancholy ..U just wish it to stop so that u can devour it in all its glory .. but wait , it’s never the self pity that counts ..   :p   It was not that hard or romantically painful in parts isn’t it ? Wasn’t it the year where u could find yourself relaxing a bit more in an usually normal boring weekday ? Wasn’t it a year where u had a night long call full of gossips and catcalling and being all bitchy about someone random with your close to heart friend !! Wasn’t it some day in a random routine day u got a call to meet a old friend in a coffee shop ..


oh life ! ,how it melts all these and many more  tiny moments into one single saga of this journey .. these moments are there in each and everyone’s life ,if not exactly these but similar to its multiple facets and we grow old out of its simplicity to an extent where we forget to just sit and relax .. and enjoy remembering these ..


This year let’s start by recognizing these silly moments ,the memory of a fitful laugh in a corner ice cream shop with your bestie , the heart warming experiences ,the wand of love that touched you ..May be for a moment but when it really did , the feel of warm tear gushing over your cheeks , the feel of a tight hug …let’s sit and remember those ..

Apart from our big achievements and serious failures these too deserve our special mention  ,  before we embark on another year ..



Here cheers to all our small moments , small achievements and yes to the many failures to all the small broken promises we made to ourselves on the start of the last year , here to the never ending spirit of  “ a series of misfortune cases of Miss/Mr  X,Y,Z “ (well that includes me too !! ) ..



let’s start.. by celebrating the small things …




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  1. Anonymous

    Amazingly penned down… Love the little things around..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks so much .. its indeed will be my mantra of this year ! 😀


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